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Motivation and social participation brought about by hobbies Cosplay as a case study

It is natural to say that when people do something, their motivation increases when it is something they are interested in rather than something they have to do.
Hobbies serve as a place for social participation that is different from home, school, and work.
Sometimes children who are not used to the society of school can enjoy participating in the hobby world.The realization of a diverse society will provide more opportunities for social participation.
The speakers will discuss social participation from the perspective of cosplay and related hobbies.

WCS Academic Advisory Board
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Pantò Francesco(Keio University Hospital , Department of Neuropsychiatry)
Masahiro Okada(Hiroshima University, a member of WCS Academic Advisory Board)
Jin Nakamura(Atomi University, a member of WCS Academic Advisory Board)
Valentino Notari (coser,author)
Tokumaru Oguri(Chairman of WCS Academic Advisory Board)


●Date and time
August 7, 2021 9:00 - 10:00 PM JST

It will be broadcasted on WCS official Youtube online.
World Cosplay Summit Official Twitter Account It will be broadcast simultaneously on Twitter space.
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