#WCS2020 Offcial Materials

These are officeal materials for WCS participants. Post your cosplay photo using these to twitter with #WCS2020!

Background image material created by Osamu Masuyama

*From the PC, right click and "Save image" to use.
*From your smartphone, press and hold the image to save it.


Meet cosplayers from around the world online!*The program has ended.

An online cosplay gathering on ZOOM! A Zoom room will be set up during the gathering sessions. You can enter and exit freely 24 hours a day. Let’s join the sessions in costume of the themes! You may make new friends and get to know cosplayers from around the world.

Aug 1.Sat 8:00pm - Aug 2. Sun 1:00am Sci-Fi/American comic
Aug 2.Sun 1:00am - 5:00am Any character with glasses
Aug 2.Sun 5:00am - 10:00am Maid characters
Aug 2.Sun 10:00am - 3:00pm Japanese Clothes
Aug 2.Sun 3:00pm - 8:00am Idol / Pop star characters
Japan Standard Time

Note:Please install "Zoom" to your devices before join.

*The program has ended.


*The program has ended.


About viewer participation and linked projects

Please visit our Facebook page for the latest information.


Cosplay Zoom Gathering supported by “WorldCosplay from Cure”

The annual events of the WCS at home! And you are the protagonist! Join our cosplay gathering online!

~ Get in touch with cosplayers from all over the world doing cosplay at home (Takucos)! ~

The "Cosplay Zoom Gathering" will be held as a part of the World Cosplay Summit 2020 Online"!
Join this cosplay gathering using Zoom, an application that lets you participate in teleconferences very easily at any time, from your computer or smartphone! You can also appear in the official program that will be aired online on the 1st and 2nd of August!

What is a cosplay gathering?

As the original word suggests, it has the meaning of a "meeting", "assembly" or "collection".
In the context of a cosplay event, a "cosplay gathering" indicates a meeting of cosplayers of the same genre or original work.
Every year there are official gatherings held at the WCS, and participants enjoy taking part in them and parading in the streets.

What is ZOOM?

It is an application that allows participation in videoconferences from many devices, desktop or mobile.
It is very easy to join meetings, and it is also possible to add a setting reflecting the world of the characters by using a virtual background!

So what are we going to do?

This project consists in holding a "cosplay gathering" using the ZOOM online conference application, so cosplayers from all around the world can join it! You can also participate from home with your favourite costumes in the "World Cosplay Summit 2020 Online" live program. You can also appear as guests during the program, an online event with the participation of the audience. The program will also include interview segments in which the MCs will ask you to introduce the main points of your wonderful costumes.
You can also chat with other cosplayers in the same ZOOM room, and maybe you can even make new friends! You only have to submit the application form to confirm the participation! And don't forget to share it in your social media accounts! ♪

■ Sessions

8/1 10:00pm(JST)

① "WorldCosplay" pick out  * It is not possible to apply for this session, since participants will be selected by "WorldCosplay".
② Sci-fi and American comics

8/2 11:00am(JST)

③ Characters with glasses
④ Maids from all genres

8/2 13:30pm(JST)

⑤ Japanese clothing
⑥ Idols

Important points
Age limitation

There is no limitation of age regarding participation. The participation of parents and children is also possible.
For the appearance of participants who are under age, it is necessary to obtain the permission of their parents or guardians.
Regardless of age limitations, please be acknowledged that our company cannot be held liable in case that any trouble arises before, during or after the program as a result of the participation on it.

About consent and use of images

Please be acknowledged that footage and images featured in the program can afterwards be used on the website of the Word Cosplay Summit, as well as on its advertisement and promotion materials (newspapers, TV, pamphlets, advertisements, web advertisements

■ Application form

Please proceed to the application form from the link below.

*The program has ended.

Frequently asked questions
How can I participate?
Please enter by submitting the application form for preregistration. The number of persons that can apply for each time slot is limited, so please apply as soon as possible.
What is the method for the installation of the ZOOM application?
A: The application for personal computers is distributed from its official website, so please download it from there beforehand.(ZOOM APP OFFICAL SITE)

For iPhone, open the "App Store", input "zoom" in the search bar, and download the ZOOM application displayed in the search results. (iOS)

For Android, open the "Play Store", input "zoom" in the search bar, and download the ZOOM application displayed in the search results. (Android)
Is there a theme for the gathering?
This will be a gathering by original work genres, so please check the application requirements and the themes, and participate where corresponding.
Can I change the costume on the very day?
This will be a gathering by original work genres, so it is not possible to change the theme. It is possible to change the costume if it corresponds to the participation theme, but please be aware that there will also be preparations at the broadcasting staff side, and therefore we kindly ask you duly report any change before the date of the event.
Can I participate directly on the day of the event?
We will send a communication to those persons selected from the application forms for preregistration, and we kindly request you to check the contents of this reply mail carefully.
On the day of the event, there will be a preparation meeting one hour before the segment, so please prepare your make-up and the fitting of your costumes considering the time for this meeting.
I would like to know the flow of the event
The actual broadcasting segments will have an approximate length of 15 minutes. We will ask you to reply to the questions of the MCs and show the looks of your costumes.
The participants will be explained about the important points and the flow of the program, and will be asked to stand by until the time of their appearance.
Please be acknowledged that those persons who cannot access at the time of reception might not be able to participate in the program.

"Please access from a place with a good net environment.
(Check the reply mail from the organization for further details.)"

〇〇-hour Challenge

Used hashtag

#WcsChallenge #コスサミチャレンジ 

BOYS AND MEN ☆ Family undertake the challenge to complete the music video of WCS theme song, “We Can Start!!” in 24 hours in the program. Viewers are encouraged to take on a challenge of their own! It does not have to be a 24-hour challenge. You can set the time frame to one hour or six hours, as you like! You can also set any challenge for yourself, such as “making a costume in three hours” or “building a plastic model in one hour.” We look forward to fun challenges! Post your challenge on Twitter with the hashtag #WcsChallenge, and it may be introduced on the 24-hour program or retweeted on the official account!