Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The World Cosplay Summit Management Secretariat (WCS Co., Ltd.) recognizes that strict information security management is an important social responsibility, and considers privacy protection to be one of the top priorities in its corporate activities.

In addition, in order to ensure the implementation of this policy, we have established the following personal information protection policy, and our officers and employees will strive to handle and manage personal information in an appropriate manner in accordance with this policy.

We will not collect or use any personal information without your consent.
Even if consent is obtained, we will use the information only to the extent that consent has been obtained, and we will not provide the relevant personal information to any third party except when consent has been obtained.
We have taken preventive and corrective measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information held by us and the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
We manage personal information safely and accurately, and strive to prevent problems such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information by managing IDs and passwords, enforcing rules for storing, managing, and disposing of personal information, building firewalls, monitoring access logs, restricting and managing access to servers, and controlling access to and from rooms by outsiders.
We make every effort to comply with all laws and regulations and internal regulations regarding personal information.
In carrying out the business of handling personal information, we will comply with the "Requirements of the Compliance Program for the Protection of Personal Information (JIS Q 15001)" and make every effort to act in accordance with the internal penalties.
We will continue to review and improve our own "Compliance Program" in line with the trends of the times.
In addition to establishing an internal compliance program (Compliance Plan) for the protection of personal information, we will make it known to all officers, employees and related staff, and periodically review the program to improve it in line with the trends of the times, led by the person in charge of personal information management.
Periodic audits are conducted.
Periodic audits of the above practices will be conducted to correct any problems.

Use of Personal Information by the Company
The Company will handle personal information in the following ways

Collection of personal information for applications, etc.
Correspondence to applicants, including contacting and shipping

Contact Us About Personal Information Protection
Contact us at
Tel: 052-962-2003

Protection of information on other sites
We are not responsible for the protection of your personal information, etc. on other websites linked to our web pages.

Enacted on March 1, 2014
Tokumaru Oguri, Representative Director, WCS Corporation