World Cinematic Cosplay Summit

First Online Competition in May 2024!

Born in 2021 during the pandemic,
the World's Best Cosplay Video Competition returns
with an enhanced version!

Wild Card Entry Teams

World Cinematic Cosplay Summit What is WCCS

This competition determines the world's best cosplay performance in video work. It is a new form of cosplay enjoyment that spreads through video,
offering a different way to showcase cosplay than on-stage performances.
Being held as a different competition from the World Cosplay Summit every August,
the winning team in the online streaming format will also be invited to the World Cosplay Summit.

Watch some works presented in the previously known as "Video Division," conducted in 2021 and 2022.

"Video Division" previous works on YouTube.
2022 Video Division champion Sweden


Field of expertise Costume creation using cloth
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REIKA is a Japanese Cosplayer based in Tokyo.
Until now she has been invited to events in over 50 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, the United States and South America.
With over 600 self-made costumes she likes to share her experience with others in workshops about wig setting, Cosplay make-up and Costume crafting.
She also judged several Cosplay competitions.
She produces official costumes for companies and participates in stage events as a Cosplayer.

Field of expertise Character portrayal and cinematic visuals with a specialization in lighting.
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Yumidun is a passionate cosplayer from Sweden, who’s cosplayed for over 10 years and won several awards for her craft and performance abilities. With her craft including making wigs from scratch, sewing, 3D modelling, and much more. Most notable award she's won is the first place title as Grand Champion at World Cosplay Summit 2022 for the Video Division.
After winning the title of grand champion she’s been invited as a guest at multiple international events, where she’s judged cosplay competitions as well as held panels about how to make cosplay videos. Taking what she learned from making the winning cosplay video to teach others about editing, pacing, narrative, sound, lighting and visuals.
Currently she’s working as a Lighting Artist for a video game studio in Stockholm, where part of her job is how to frame and focus the visuals of the environment to best suit the situation. With this knowledge she’ll take an extra close look on the visuals presented in the videos and can’t wait to see what the cosplayers bring to WCCS!

Field of expertise Visual direction and character embodiment
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As an art graduate, Demu is currently working with image processing and digital design. Beside their creative profession, they have over 10 years of cosplay experience. In addition they were active in the theater for many years. This quickly turned into an interest in cosplay performance, both as a director as well as an actor. They have performed in cosplay in several competitions and showcases and made short cosplay movies.
Demu loves to create photos and videos with their cosplay that both highlight the costume they made but also with editing and framing tell a story, portray the character accurately and makes one feel like they have been transported into the anime/game/media.
When it comes to craftsmanship, Demu focuses a lot on the shape of the costume. The silhouette, the wigs shape, makeup. They are important for the overall completeness of the cosplay and the portrayal of the character.

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Rescue the Princess!
Field of expertise Cosplay videography, shooting and editing.
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Videographer showcasing cosplay from around the world.

Ludus Cosplay
Field of expertise Cosplay sewing, material processing and makeup & wig styling
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Ludus Cosplay is a Cape Town based, full time fabricator and cosplayer with over 13 years experience in the costume industry from South Africa. He enjoys gaming, anime, movies, trading card games and anything geek related.
Inbetween working on his own costumes and projects, he creates digital tutorials and educational content to help share knowledge to other artists on a global platform.
He has judged and won numerous Cosplay competitions, along with the title of Comic Con Africa Crown Champion in 2022 and the 2nd place winner in the Crown World Finals held in Chicago in 2023.

K, K Cosplay
Field of expertise Cosplay Craftsmanship, Media/AV, Voice Acting and Producing.
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K is an international award-winning cosplayer from Australia currently living in Japan. Having cosplayed for over 24 years, K has made & worn over 400 costumes, been a guest & competition judge around the world, and has won many competitions - with their biggest cosplay achievement being crowned the World Cosplay Summit Grand Prix Champion in 2019.
K’s background with Cinema & Film include holding a University Degree in Film (Producing, Editing and Sound Design) and as professional in the Film Industry - having worked as an Anime Assistant Producer & Marketing Manager at Netflix, working at Google as a Studio Partner Manager (Google TV) and as a Senior Marketing Manager for films internationally.

Xiao Ying
Field of expertise video&photographer/VFX producers/production and art designer
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Xiao Ying has dominated numerous cosplay photo and video competitions in China, establishing himself as a leading videographer and director in the anime and game-related short video industry with over 12 years of experience. He has served as a judge for WCS's preliminary rounds in China for many years and has produced over 100 cosplay videos for anime and games. Additionally, he is the contracted photographer for Sony China.

Diana Tolin
Field of expertise Costume construction, performance, event organization
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Diana Tolin has been an award winning cosplayer and member of the Anime industry for almost 30 years. She loves pop culture as much as she loves Japanese culture and has worked with some of the largest companies and conventions in the world including Marvel Entertainment, Nintendo of America, Square Enix, Aniplex, Anime Expo and World Cosplay Summit. She has represented and been the organizer of the World Cosplay Summit USA and now works directly with WCS Inc. as a member of their staff where she uses her knowledge of the cosplay community to support cosplayers from around the world. She has brought multiple international cosplay events to the United States and as the Director of Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri, has helped to develop the Winter Cosplay Championship, the largest qualifier of international cosplay events in the United States.

Event Outline

World Cinematic Cosplay Summit

  • Date of the Final
  • Mid-May 2024 (Detailed date and time to be announced soon)
  • Distributing Platform
  • TBD
  • Rewards for the winning team
  • Invitation to the World Cosplay Summit 2024 (Nagoya, Japan.)
    01/AUG/2024 - 06/AUG/2024

How To Participate (Flow Chart to the Final)

  • Deadline for submission
  • April 30, 2024 (23:59JST)
  • Video Review Period
  • May 1 - 30, 2024
  • Trailer video streaming
  • June 1 - 7, 2024
  • Wild Card Preliminary
  • June 8, 2024 (Online)
  • WCCS Final
  • June 9, 2024 (Online)


  • Basic Rules
  • ■ Entry must be made by a pair (two persons) of the same nationality.
  • ■ Cosplay video works must be less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • ■ Costumes do not have to be entirely handmade.

Please read the complete rules carefully from the link below and make an entry.

WCCS Rules Some rules regarding subtitles have changed.

Wild Card Entry

Wild Card Entry is only for those not of the nationalities listed below.
The following nationalities should enter the qualifying rounds held in their respective countries.

  • Entry fee
  • 300 USD >> 50 USD per team
  • The entry period
  • March 8 - April 27, 23:59 (Japan time)
    Upload deadline: April 30, 23:59 (Japan time)
    *Entries will be accepted up to the first 30 groups.
Wild Card Entry

Entry closed

Wild Card Rules