Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How are the first selections made?

A. WCS Administrative Office will be the jury of the selections. The number of “likes” on the photo submitted will be taken into account as a reference, but this number alone will not determine the selections. Submitting early or having the highest number of “likes” are not decisive to the selection results.

Q2. Can I submit several photos / several characters?

A. It is allowed for one person to submit several photos or apply with a photo showing several characters. However if the photo shows more than one character, since the selections will be conducted with one character at the time, only the character submitted by the beholder will be judged. Please be sure to tag only the character you are cosplaying when submitting the photo. One cosplayer is allowed to separately submit entries for several characters.

Q3. With which characters / outfits should I submit?

A. This contest allows all the characters and outfits featured in the TV anime ONE PIECE (animation movies included). Please understand that the characters and outfits / appearances that have not appeared in the animation support will be excluded from the judging process.

Q4. Which characters other than the Straw Hat Pirates will be chosen?

A. As the selections will be made among the most excellent cosplays submitted regardless of the popularity or screen time of each character, we cannot announce at the time being which characters will be selected.

Q5. Are there other restrictions concerning the submissions?

A. To help judging the entries, it is strongly recommended to submit photos that show as much as possible the whole cosplay (submitting several photos is allowed). Please use photos that show clearly at least the upper body and the entire face of the cosplayer. Please refer to the pictures below.

Not showing the face ⇒ ×

Showing the face but not the upper body ⇒ ×

Not showing the face ⇒ ×

At least the upper body is visible but the face is blurred ⇒ ×

For this contest, outfits coming from the manga only or fanart designs are not accepted. Outfits have to be from the anime (and animation movies).

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