For the latest information on one of Japan's largest cosplay events, the World Cosplay Summit, please visit this portal site.

WCS local organizers are streaming on WCS Twitch/YouTube channel this weekend to save WCS!


WCS local organizers are gathered to save WCS!
From Sep. 11th to Sep. 13th, WCS organizers are going to do the live streaming with cosplayers to support WCS Kickstarter campaign.
The streaming is composed of cosplay/non-cosplay contents and a lot of interactive events including raffles.

WCS ENDGAME Livestream

◆Friday 11 September:
from 2:00 pm (CEST)/5:00am (PDT)/9:00pm (JST)
to 2:00 am (CEST)/5:00pm (PDT)/9:00am (JST)

◆Saturday 12 September:
from 10:00 am (CEST)/1:00 am (PDT)/5:00 pm (JST)
to 10:00 pm (CEST)/1:00 pm (PDT)/5:00 am (JST)

◆Sunday 13 September:
from 6:00am (CEST)/9:00pm (PDT)/1:00pm (JST)
to 6:00pm (CEST)/9:00am (PDT)/1:00am (JST)

Video message from France organizer

The streaming schedule.

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