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Regarding the "Announcement related to infection of affiliated talent" release by Fortune Entertainment Inc.


Through the release on August 4th, 2020, by Fortune Entertainment Inc. ‘Announcement related to Covid-19 infection of affiliated talent’, the World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee which hosted World Cosplay Summit 2020 Online (referred to as ‘WCS2020’ below) provides the following statement as the talent in question participated during the event.

Rikuto Kanda, the member of ‘Matsuri Nine’ who has tested positive for Covid-19 participated in the August 1st WCS2020 Opening Ceremony stage event. All staff, participants and audience were allowed into the event hall after a check of temperatures and confirmation of no active symptoms. Stage participants were arranged with the greatest amount of physical distancing possible and all staff wore masks during the entirety of the ceremony.

We are currently confirming high risk contacts among event participants who were in close proximity with Kanda san, and his agency working closely with the relevant health authorities.

We pray for the quick recovery for those affected or for any participants who may test positive in the coming days. Further, event related infection preventative measures will undergo an in depth review process. We do ask for your continued consideration for the World Cosplay Summit event.

August 5th, 4pm update
With further information from Fortune Entertainment Inc. and related health authorities, we have not heard any health problems from those at high risk of infection or contact with Kanda san at the WCS2020 event. We will continue to keep all informed with any future developments.

August 5th, 2020
World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee