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The World Cosplay Summit 2020 ONLINE is coming up! This year WCS will be held on the Web!


World Cosplay Summit 2020 ONLINE is coming up!!

The World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee (Representative: Tokumaru Oguri) has announced that the World Cosplay Summit will be held for the 18th time this year. The World Cosplay Summit 2020 ONLINE (WCS2020) is a cosplay festival of ONLINE") on August 1 and 2, 2020 (Saturday and Sunday).

This year's event was cancelled due to a new outbreak of disease, but the world To the cosplayers, the local community, and all the people who have supported the Cosplay Summit, it is important to keep the fire going. not, and to hold the event online in 2020 so that everyone can meet again next year. We are pleased to announce that we have decided to implement this project.
The concept of the event "Energize Japan and the World from Nagoya! Music from Nagoya, which shared our desire for Nagoya to come together as one to create excitement. With the addition of the artists "BOYS AND MEN FAMILY", we will send the message from Nagoya to Japan and the world. We will go.

◆Overview of the event
[Event Name]
world cosplay summit 2020 online / world cosplay summit 2020 ONLINE
Saturday, August 1 and Sunday, August 2, 2020
-Opening Ceremony : Saturday, August 1, 12:00-13:00
Online program : August 1st (Sat.) 20:00 - August 2nd (Sun.) 20:00 24 hours a day
-Opening Ceremony : Nagoya City Hall, TRAVEL HUB MIX, Tokyo
-Online broadcasting program: TV Aichi Studio 1, TRAVEL HUB MIX (Tokyo)
 Fortune Entertainment (Nagoya)
The public is not allowed to attend.

Nico Nico Live, WCS Official YouTube, Twitch (under adjustment)
World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chubu International Airport, Osu Shopping Center) (League of Cities, TV Aichi, WCS Inc.
JobTribes / JobTribes / Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery / Biore / dwango / dwango Laguna Ten Bosch / Nagoya City Water and Sewerage Bureau, The Nippon Foundation
As of July 1, 2020

[WCS2020 ONLINE Official Web Site]
[YouTube channel]
[ Official Twitter]

[Collaboration Partner Profile]
BOYS AND MEN Matsuri nine. BOYS AND MEN research student Onokomachi

◆WCS2020 ONLINE Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony was held at the Nagoya City Hall with cosplayers from around the world who were connected online. WCS2020 ONLINE will make its opening declaration.

◆"Love Connects the World" 24 Hours Online Delivered Programs
. The name of the program, "Love Connects the World / Love Connects the World," was created only in Japan. We will provide content from our studios in Nagoya and Tokyo for you to enjoy, not only in Japan, but also in the world. We will be providing participatory programs that you, too, can enjoy.

Some of the programs will also be distributed from our Nagoya and Tokyo studios.

Taking Nagoya to the World: "Love Connects the World
Relay Project Artists, game creators, and others involved in Japanese pop culture, including Boymen, are all involved in this field. Content relay project involving voice actors and producers

▼24 Hour Challenge
BOYS AND MEN, Matsuri nine. and BOYS AND MEN research students, Ono Komachi will be on the 24-hour I challenge you to do something during an online show!

▼General Challenge
A lot of things to do in an online show! You can apply for and participate in your own challenge!

▼Online Gathering (planned)
Match the time and cosplay your favorite work of art.

▼Cosplay de Marine Litter Zero Award Online Awards Ceremony
As part of the "CHANGE FOR THE BLUE" marine litter control project, the Nippon Foundation The "Cosplay de Marine Litter Zero Award" was held in conjunction with the The awards were presented to the winners by connecting them online with the winners from among more than 300 entries from cosplayers around the world. The formula was implemented.

▼World Cosplay Championship ONLINE
. This is a show that looks back on the biggest highlight of the Cosplay Summit, the Cosplay Championship. This program will show the appeal of cosplay performances.

◆"#AirCosami Cosplay Photo Contest"
The contest is open to participants from Japan and abroad, who can participate in it by simply posting a common hashtag.

※Guests, program content, and additional information are always available at WCS2020 We'll be posting it on the official ONLINE website and SNS!

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