The WCS celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The “World Cosplay Summit” that started in Nagoya in 2003 is progressing further for everyone around the world who loves cosplay.
We Can Start!! So, let's celebrate the 20th anniversary!


The World Cosplay Summit started in 2003 and this year is celebrating its coming of age.
The culture of cosplay, the expression of characters and works of manga, animation and related media, has changed dramatically in the last twenty years.
When this event began, it wasn't usual to be able to enjoy cosplay in public spaces or in parades around towns, and cosplayers were hardly featured on television.
Nowadays, many cosplay events take place in the heart of our cities, and there is a good number of cosplayers who regularly appear on television and magazines.
Our goals have always been to keep trying new challenges, to propose new ways of enjoying cosplay, and to let the original works be known among as many people as possible.
With these premises in mind, the World Cosplay Summit has striven to be at the forefront.
And so, we will continue to engage in new challenges, to keep contributing further to the development of the culture of cosplay.
We are looking forward to enjoying your kind support and cooperation.



Do you know world-class cosplay event "WCS"?
It is a cosplay festival with a lot of events going on!
There are debut parades with representative cosplayers gathered from every corner of the world... There are commercial booths with anime, manga and videogame goods, and a live stage with the appearance of special guests, renowned authors, and music and cosplay performances, all covered by numerous media outlets... And there is even a world championship of cosplay performances...!


*The World Cosplay Summit (abbreviated WCS) is the largest cosplay event in the world, celebrated since 2003 and organized by the World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee. It is an event where “cosplayers” fond of Japanese pop culture such as anime, manga and videogames gather and create a new form of international culture exchange. Every year more than 200,000 persons attend the event, and cosplayers from all over the world gather in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, to enjoy this cultural exchange. One notable peculiarity is that it is supported by regional governments, the national administration and diplomatic establishments overseas. The number of participating countries has kept increasing through the years, attracting numerous media outlets from all over the world which have made it the cosplay event with the largest coverage. (The total number of visitors of WCS2019 exceeded 300,000 persons.)


We have received congratulation messages from our guest renowned authors and from former participants in the world championship of cosplay!!


Tatsumi Inui


Congratulation messages

World Cosplay Summit 20th Anniversary Congratulatory Message: Tatsumi Inui
World Cosplay Summit 20th Anniversary Congratulatory Message: Tatsumi Inui
World Cosplay Summit 20th Anniversary Congratulatory Message: Tatsumi Inui
World Cosplay Summit 20th Anniversary Congratulatory Message: Tatsumi Inui

乾たつみ / Tatsumi Inui

Congratulations for the 20th anniversary of the World Cosplay Summit! Please keep celebrating forever this wonderful event where cosplayers from all over the world get together. I will continue to support you.

Congratulation messages


Roboticpizza / ITALY 2013 Representative player

Thank you so muck for keep on dreaming and make the whole world dream with you!

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