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About schedule

Can you tell me this year's event schedule?

The events will take place between July 26 (Sat) ~ Aug 3 (Sun).
Some events are open to the general public, but others are not.
Please check the event schedule for details.

About main stage

Where does the main event take place this year?

World Cosplay Summit Championship 2014 will take place at Aichi Cultural Center Concert Hall.

Other stage events will take place at Oasis 21.

Is it free to watch the performances?

In order to attend The World Cosplay Summit Championship 2014 at Aichi Cultural Center's Concert Hall, you need to purchase seat tickets as the part of WCS original merchandise set.

Various stage events at Oasis 21 are basically free on Aug 2 and 3.
However reserved seats requires tickets.

Please check the Event Schedule or Ticket Information page for details.

To join in cosplay

Is it a problem to walk around the WCS in cosplay?

For the most part it's not a problem at all. During The World Cosplay Summit, many cosplayers come to Sakae (especially Oasis 21) and the Osu shopping district.

You are free to move around the venues in costume. Please enjoy your cosplay on the way to the venue, however, when you are moving between venues, and/or taking public transportation, we do ask you to keep sharp replica weapons or accessories in a bag or covered.

You may receive a warning if you are wearing an excessively revealing costume.

For more information please check the To: Attendees of World Cosplay Summit page.

Is it required to buy dressing room ticket to come in cosplay?

No. If you can find the place to change by yourself, you come come in cosplay.

World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee are only capable to prepare limited amount of dressimg room ticket.
Year after year, the more cosplayers have started to come. And we have not abled to provide enough room.
You are very welcome to prepare your own dressing space and come to the event in cosplay.

Please make sure to read To: Attendees of World Cosplay Summit carefully.

Can I buy a number of dressing room tickets?

Yes you can.

We will issue you one ticket ID per person.

If you purchase more than one ticket we will send you multiple ticket IDs in the payment confirmation email.
Please forward that email to your friend(s) and save the information.

You are free to come separately, and show the ID individually, or you can come as a group and show us the email with multiple IDs.

For more information, visit the Ticket page.

Do the cosplay dressing rooms have space to leave luggage?

Yes, there is some space to leave your luggage in the dressing rooms. All responsibility for left luggage is your own.

There is no limitation on the size of luggage left, but you are limited to one piece per person. If you have several small pieces, please organize them into one.

We cannot be held responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen luggage. Make sure to keep any valuable items with you all the times.


Is there a discount transport ticket to move between venues?

The Donichi Eco Ticket (Weekend Eco Pass) is a discount ticket issued by Nagoya City Transportation Bureau for 600 yen. It's a one day unlimited ride pass for all Nagoya city buses and subways on Saturdays, Sundays and the 8th of every month.

Additionally, we will be selling original World Cosplay Summit Donichi Eco Tickets. (Transit day tickets)

fb_ekokippu.pngIf you are planning to move between venues many times on the same day, please consider purchasing one.

Price: 600 yen

On sale: July 9, 2014 (Wed)

Available at:
All Nagoya Subway stations (87), Transport Bureau Service Centers (3).

Number of tickets available: 10,000