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Team UK

Team UK

United Kingdom
Haneda Airport
Oita Airport (Yufuin and Beppu)
Haneda Airport

Oita Prefecture: departing for Yufuin

2014 United Kingdom representatives, Emily (L) and Laura(R) standing in front of the ANA counter before departure ready for their first trip to Oita Prefecture.

From Oita Airport they took a bus to Yufuin. The room at the ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) and the view it provided were exceptional allowing them to fully enjoy the hotel's hot springs and food during their stay.

Off to Beppu Hot Springs

Taking the train from Yufuin to Beppu the next day.
From the train the scenery looks like were in a Ghibli Studio movie.

At the Beppu Hot Spring Chinoikejigoku (Bloody Hell Pond).
Are demons red because they spent too much time in the Bloody Hell Pond?
A photo with Team UK and support staff.

We found a very nice café to have lunch in.
Alice's Tearoom was crowded but our meal and dessert were delicious!

Returning to Tokyo for a true Monja-yaki experience.

Our two night trip to Oita is finished so now it's off to Tokyo.
On the flight with the ANA staff.

Arrival at Haneda Airport!
Now we are off for some Tokyo sightseeing!

At the restaurant we found on the "Is Japan Cool?" website.
Monjya-yaki!!!This is how you make it, right?

Finally, have a look at the United Kingdom team' travel videos.