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To: Attendees of World Cosplay Summit

Note to cosplayers from outside of Japan, these are the rules for the WCS. While quite liberal for standard cosplay events in Japan, you may find some rules different from your country. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

The rules of the event

If there is any discrepancy between the Japanese version and other translated versions of these rules, the Japanese version takes precedence.
The World Cosplay Summit is an event being held in public places where many people don't know about cosplay.
Please do not behave in an manner that would poorly reflect you, the character or the WCS event. Please read the following cautions and instructions.

The following are prohibited

  • Entering houses and private properties uninvited.
  • Entering flower gardens or fields uninvited.
  • Use of fake blood or bruises that represent violence.
  • Excessively revealing costumes.
  • The use of authentic military uniforms (both current and past). (Excludes ones used in manga and/or anime)
  • Use of tripod and reflector board in public places including on the street.

Costume, Props and Dressing

  • Any long or weapon props should be covered and protected at all times, except while taking photos
  • The event locations are expected to be crowded, so please be aware of your costume and props so that you don't hit people around you.
  • If you wear a short skirt or kimono costume, please wear tights, stockings or leggings to avoid revealing skin excessively.
  • Electric devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras or music players must be handed to the staff when using the bathroom or dressing room. Please be aware that event staff may inspect your belongings.
  • The World Cosplay Summit Secretariat allocates which dressing rooms you can use to change into your costume. You must use the dressing room of your own gender. It's strictly prohibited to enter the dressing room of the opposite gender. In case of an emergency, staff of the opposite sex may enter the dressing room.
  • If you are not able to obtain a dressing room ticket, you can secure your own dressing room and change there; however, using public places or changing inside public bathrooms is prohibited.
  • Bringing dangerous props such as knives, swords or firearms is not allowed. It is also prohibited to continually display fake swords or knives except when taking photographs. As is making unnecessary swings or pointing them at other people.
  • Please be aware of others around you when carrying luggage.
  • You must make your own judgment whether your costume is excessively revealing; your props are too sharp or long; the costume makes walking difficult to walk in or induce heat exhaustion due to the extreme heat , etc. If poor judgment is used on your part, event staff may ask you to leave or stop cosplaying.
  • Neither the World Cosplay Summit Secretariat or event venues are responsible for any damages or accidents caused by your choice of cosplay costume.
  • Do not disturb other people by occupying bathrooms to change costumes, putting on make-up, or by leaving it dirty.
  • Do not use any make-up, paint or other materials dangerous to the venues or guests.
  • Follow the other rules determined at each venue's dressing rooms.
  • The World Cosplay Summit is being held over a wide area and there aren't strictly defined areas where you can and cannot cosplay. The dressing rooms, however, may be far away from the event venue so you can use public transportation, (subway, bus, trains) in costume. However, please beware of excessively revealing costumes and cover any weapon replicas or long props.
  • When crossplaying, stay true to the spirit of the original character. For example if the characters legs are shaved, do the same. Other points of attention are arms, armpits and facial hair. Make sure to have your hair appropriate to the character. For example, if your character has long hair do not cosplay the character with a crew cut. Please avoid walking around the venues in bare feet and wear tights stocking or leggings when appropriate.

Photo sessions / Interaction

  • It might be illegal against the radio law to use the flash trigger(remote controller) without 'Technical conformity mark(certification of conformance to technical standards)'.About wireless applications, check the mark and use it, please.

  • Refrain from cosplaying in one location for extended periods of a time. Staff or security may ask you to move if the need arises.
  • Do not pose or take low-angle photographs that may expose underwear. As the event is held in locations with the general public, please behave in an appropriate manner.
  • Do not use any large props which may hit the people around you. It's strictly prohibited to take photographs of both the entrance and inside of dressing rooms and bathrooms.
  • It's strictly prohibited to take photographs of both the entrance and inside of dressing rooms and bathrooms.
  • Refrain from using extremely long camera lenses.
  • When taking pictures and communicating with others, follow general morals and ethics and avoid disturbing people.
  • Examples of prohibited acts when taking photos at the WCS:
    1. Peep photography or taking pictures without the subject's permission.
    2. Uploading pictures to websites, printing them in magazines or books, or including in the movies without subject's permission.
    3. Excessively low-angle shots.
    4. Infrared photography.
    5. Excessive requests for posing, handshaking or embracing the subject if taking the photo with them.
    * If the photographer fails to comply with the above rules, the staff may stop the photo session, delete data, confiscate equipment or take any other necessary actions.
  • The use of props, such as long props, replica weapons, rackets, balls, is limited to photo sessions. It is strictly prohibit to swing, kick or throw props.
  • Do not climb on trees, buildings, or similar acts.
  • Similar rules apply to videography sessions.
    Examples of prohibited acts during video sessions:
    1. Peep videography or filming without the subjects' permission.
    2. Uploading the video to websites, printing images in magazines or books, or producing movies without the subject's permission.
    3. Excessively low-angle shots.
    4. Infrared photography
    5. Moving shots, or entering stores or private property.
    6. Filming in a way that many by-passers are included in the shots.

Other Cautions and Instructions

  • You are responsible for your own items and belongings. The World Cosplay Summit Secretariat or event venues are not responsible for any damage caused by accident, theft or loss.
  • The layout of the venue and event schedule are subject to change without prior notice.
  • It is strictly prohibited to sell/distribute items or conduct interviews without proper permission.
  • The World Cosplay Summit Secretariat and venues are not responsible for any conflict between attendees. You are expected to manage personal conflicts on your own.
  • In case of emergency, follow the instructions of the event staff and avoid erratic behaviour.
  • Any other acts that the event staff deem as violating rules is judged as such regardless of the reason. If you fail to follow the rules, the staff may ask you to leave the venue or call the authorities.
  • By attending the World Cosplay Summit, you have agreed to the rules above. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.