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29th July / Lagu-Cos2017

wcs_lagoona_a4_01b.jpg wcs_lagoona_a4_02b.jpg


We have decided to hold "LAGU-COS" this year again!

We've rented out Laguna Ten Bosch for cosplay photo-shooting all-night private event and this year, the 3rd time, our photo spots have leveled up again!

We just can't wait for you to join in!

Are you sure, is this Japan?

Overseas? Western?

No, it is Gamagori City!



Cosplay Photography Spot

① Pirate Blast【Only at Night time】

re_DSC08679.jpg DSC_9160.jpg

Set in a cave where it is rumored that pirates used to hide their treasures here. Participants are free to walk around and shoot or film inside the attraction hall where trucks used to come and go! You can transform into an RPG character and have photographs taken. Of course, you may also choose to take photographs in the guise of a monster.




② Pool Area【Only at Night time】

ジョイアマーレの浜_照明取付イメージ_花火追加.jpg ★C6AJcyFVAAEbGKa.jpg

04.jpg C6jiYffVwAEY--R.jpg

The pool area is crowded with cosplayers, and the water surface is shining magically.
This time, it will be more extravagant, making a comeback with light ups! Entering the water is certainly allowed.
You should be able to take wonderful photos with the pool and street of Laguna as the background.
You'll decide how to make use of this great opportunity.

*As the "Fireworks" in the picture above is an attraction in the day segment (8:00 p.m.), you would not be able to view it when the night pool is in operation. We seek your understanding in this matter.

*For safety reasons, it is prohibited to enter the water outside the zone where entering the water is allowed.



③ Fireworks【Only at Day-time】


As you are able to get a view from various areas within LAGUNASIA, you might be able to capture "your own unique "something" + fireworks".
The fireworks is scheduled to launch at 8:00 p.m.



④ Illumination light up spot!【Day/Night】

★C6HLhAJU4AAJE8x.jpg 光の草原_宣材�@.jpgのサムネイル画像

C6swc2EU8AE4vRT.jpg C6Bzk2MU4AAtz5I.jpg

When we think of LAGUNASIA in the night, naturally we will think of illuminations! From the "grassland of lights" that is like a world tree, to the "rainbow arch", a path of light that extends far beyond, there are photo spots like these scattered everywhere in LAGUNASIA. As the illumination starts around sunset, it is possible to take photos in the "day segment".



⑤ Flower Lagoon【Day/Night】

★C6uB3ZbV0AA1Tky.jpg C6AIhWTUwAEN9Fz.jpg

In the "Flower Lagoon", a newly opened area of LAGUNASIA last year, the flower garden has different effects during the day and night, which makes it a perfect photo spot. When night falls, the beach in the area will shine from the illumination. A beautiful scenery which looks like gems scattered over the surface of the water will unfold.



⑥ Amusement Park attractions【Only at Night time】

★C52MW6eUYAAb6J8.jpg C5_pNs7VUAMDpQe.jpg

Taking photos at the outdoor amusement park attractions are welcome! The first half of the "night segment" will operate as usual. Operations will stop for the later half, allowing guests to take photos of the interior of the attraction at their own pace.



⑦ 3D mapping【Only at Night time】


At Zephyros plaza right after entering LAGUNASIA, 3D mapping will be carried out several times on the day of LAGU-COS! While enjoying the dazzling light show, you might just want to take a photo too.



⑧ Attractions opening just for cosplay photography【Only at Night time】

If there is an amusement park area, this should also be around!

【アトラクション】     開放時間
マジクエスト 22:00~翌5:00
ファイアファイア 22:00~翌5:00
マジカルパウダー 22:00~翌5:00
キャンディファクトリー 22:00~翌5:00



⑨ Ferris Wheel【Day/Night】

C6mM9d9V4AAyQ3N.jpg C5_nKm9VAAAywNi.jpg

Which is of course, the ferris wheel. It will be beautifully lit up in the night, but it will definitely be an attractive background for photos even during the day.



⑩ Thousand Sunny【Day/Night】

Of course, in addition to photo spots, we have prepared other various plans! 



⑪ Cityscape of Laguna

C6mNAu1U8AAn35-.jpg C6RWdebUwAA6tTS.jpg

DSC08736.JPG C5_vYy2VAAEomIr.jpg




have fun even if you are not a cosplayer!

We will also expand the scale of activities that were held last year!!


A WCS2017 Opening Ceremony【only at Day-time】


This year, we will hold the opening ceremony of the event in front of Thousand Sunny.

In addition to representative cosplayers from around the world, our customary guest will be taking the podium at the ceremony! Please wait for more details to be released!

place : thousand sunny
time : 16:00~



B Cosplay Stage : WCS2017 representatives【only at Day-time】

WCS official_160730_Opening Ceremony_9.JPG

This year, representatives from a total of 35 teams, including 5 new teams(Puerto Rico, Chile, Belgium, Myanmar, UAE) will gather and perform on the opening stage. After the opening ceremony, the venue will be moved to the "Art Theater". 

place : art theater
time : 18:00〜



C Talk show : Sumire Uesaka【only at Day-time】


Voice actor, Ms. Sumire Uesaka, who is an official supporter of WCS2017, will be holding a talk show!

For more details, please wait for our follow-up report!

place : art theater
time : 18:00~



D Anime Song DJ Night !【Only at Night time】


Once again this year, the DJ booth will showcase "the feeling of a parallel universe only found here" with much enthusiasm in LAGUNASIA!!

Participants can participate while dancing. They can also bring glow sticks and join in the dance! Let's have fun together until morning!

place : Palace stage



E Game Music Live【only at Night time】


Since there is a Anison DJ, wouldn't it be weird without game music?!
There will be a performance held for game fans, by game fans.
The live music is to be performed by an orchestra and a brass band.

place : Art Theater



F Cosplay Runway Stage by Lagu-Cos participants【Only at Night Time】

アートシアター外観.jpg アートシアター内観.jpg

The joy from dance is not limited to photography! A runway stage for cosplayers who enjoy performances will also be prepared! The venue will become a real performance stage!

Regarding the recruitment of participant cosplayers, more information will be released at a later date. Please wait for the follow-up report!

place : Art Theater



G Lagu-Cos Reporter【Day/Night】


We want to tell you more about the fascinating points of LAGU-COS!!

This time, we are massively recruiting reporters who can cooperate with our LAGU-COS staff!

We want a live reporting of events that strikes as "Interesting!", and it will be broadcasted on our various accounts such as Twitter, "Nico Nico Douga", Archive, and also, your own account! We would also like to spread the fascination of the event to people who were unable to attend this year's LAGU-COS!

For those who are selected as reporters, in addition to receiving full complimentary tickets to LAGU-COS, our company will cover the round trip transportation fee.



H Let's dance Gymnastics of Japanese Style!【Night time】


Last year, we had radio exercises through the night that was extremely popular!! This year we intend to implement it again, and we hope we are allowed to.

time : 5:00AM (30th July)




Ticket Information


【Grouping】 【Time】         【Price】 【ticket URL】
Day time  10:00〜21:00 2,000 JPY peatix
Night time  22:00〜6:00AM(next morning)

*You can join Lagu-Cos both Day and Night time by buying ticket.

*This ticket is ONLY FOR people from overseas.

*You need produce your passport at entrance of Lagu-Cos.








2-3 Kaiyocho,Gamagori,Aichi,Japan




World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee
Laguna Tenbosch