Simultaneous LIVE across the world!! Looking for stores to provide the public broadcast of Championship!


The world champion of cosplay performance will be decided August 5th! Cosplay Championship LIVE on niconico!

We are looking for stores that would provide the public broadcast of Cosplay Championship!

The only requirement is broadcasting the niconico LIVE!

Stores willing to take part in Championship broadcasting please make a notification for us! We would really appreciate your support to help Cosplay Championship grow bigger across the world! \(^o^)/



We will gladly accept the will to participate in broadcasting the Championship from any part of the world!

This is the chance to support the representatives of your country from any part of the world!


For the Championship held on August 5th details, please use the link below



Application requirements

Stores that can hold a LIVE broadcast on the day of Championship is held simultaneously with niconico are welcome!

※You can broadcast from any part of the world

※Please mind that if you are regarded as an inappropriate shop for broadcasting, you may not be introduced on the WCS website


Application period

July 13th (Fri) - July 29th (Sun)


Broadcast time

August 5th, 2018 (Sun) 16:00-20:30 JST


Niconico LIVE stream page

Please enjoy watching the LIVE stream of Championship on the date by clicking on the link below.

※nicinico LIVE stream is a free of charge service

(To comment the video please create an account, also free of charge)




Application form

Stores intending to take part in LIVE broadcast please fill in the form below.